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ALBE MES – Maritime Evacuation System
for offshore platforms


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    Evacuated in
    10 minutes
  • +0 °C
    Evacuation chute
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    Max. Evacuation
    chute length
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1. Control

It can be operated intuitively and can be used by any person in an emergency in no time at all.

2. Motor winch

The winch lowers the evacuation unit incl. rescue chute in a controlled but rapid manner, so that the system is ready for use in a few seconds, even if the power supply fails.

3. Evacuation chute

Spiral geometry of the chute allows a fixed maximum user sliding speed to reduce the risk of injury. Stainless steel stabilising rings connected to a hose and additional mesh.

4. Life rafts

Opening of the rafts, one after the other or synchronously as required. Up to 4 life rafts can be installed in standard systems.

5. Landing platform

The landing platform is lowered into the water together along with the chute and life rafts in case of an emergency. At contact with water the landing platform inflates within 30 seconds

6. Evacuation Body

Structurally-reinforced enclosure; insulated according to fire protection class A60

World's fastest and most efficient evacuation chute

  • Spiral geometry for fixed maximum sliding speed
  • Evacuation of injured or unconscious crew member possible
  • Fully enclosed evacuation chute with microclimate (protection against cold, heat, stress reduction
  • Evacuation independent of clothing
  • The chute is stabilised by stainless steel rings and additional mesh fabric

Chute lengthup to 150 m

Rescue chute made of highly durable aramid. Delivery up to a length of 150 m. Colour-coded segments provide guidance for controlled descent into the life raft.

Fire-resistant up to +480 ° C

Fire-resistant chute material protects against burns during use, the enclosure is fully insulated against heat.

Frost-resistant to -65 ° C

Key components of the ALBE MES system are heated and enable smooth use in polar regions.

Water and ice

ALBE MES is designed for different exit scenarios. Landing of the platform is possible on water, ice or on possibly waiting ships.


ALBE MES can be modified with a wide range of options and functions and can be tailored perfectly to customer-specific requirements.

Best service - all over the world

  • Worldwide inspections of the installed modules by trained partners and in-house technicians
  • Individual service contracts and concepts
  • Service of all ALBE systems without lowering the components

ALBE Engineering has been closely associated with the marine sector for more than 35 years. For around 20 years, ALBE has been developing and building highly specialized evacuation systems and making a decisive contribution to occupational safety on offshore platforms for oil and gas production.

The solutions globally recognized are completely designed and manufactured in Germany. Safety - Made in Germany.